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Archives; Contexts; Destillando Amor. net/telenovela/Destilando Amor. 2020.03.20. Retrieved 10 April 2020. and renewed interest. I’m currently reading the 12 books in the DC Universe. Will the Marvel series be in the same spirit? I’d like to see it! I think that the team titles will be more descriptive of what the Marvel Universe is. I hope the DC line does well, I’d love to see the guys and gals take over the place that Marvel previously held! I feel that DC is playing by the rules. If they want to have multiple titles and everything is interconnected, so be it. By all means if DC want to have multiple titles, more power to them, but if you want to be different, then be different. I personally like their version of their universe. I personally enjoy the Sandman more than the Marvel universe. I can’t stand the Marvel universe…The Annihilators…Powers…their crappy stories and characters. Marvel is a whole other world from DC….and that is why DC can stand them out there on their own and not have any issues. To be honest, I’ve only really read one Marvel title since the late 90’s and that was the Silver Surfer book, I wasn’t into the stories and the guys and gals just weren’t up to the task. I would also like to see them try and make the DCU more like the DCU, something that I feel Marvel have forgotten about. The Marvel universe is not the same as the DCU and the creators who write and draw for Marvel are putting out crap, maybe it is time that the DCU got back to its own style. DC and Marvel aren’t competing with each other, they’re just different things. If I want to read Marvel Universe titles, I’ll read Marvel. If I want to read a DC title, I’ll read DC. So what does this mean? What does this mean for the future? I think that they need to try and bring back the grey matter to DC and to try and make DC their own again. DC need to bring back their former creative team members and give them more control over the line and the future be359ba680

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